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Our warranty is valid one year from the purchase date for defective parts. The warranty, not transferable to another party who is not the original buyer, only covers parts and labour. It does not cover potential consequential loss from customers' business interruption.





General exclusions from this warranty shall include any failures caused by:

1. Abnormal strain, neglect, or abuse.

2. Lack of proper maintenance.

3. Accident or collision damage.

4. Changing or altering factory settings without consulting with an authorized technician.

5. Damage or malfunctions resulting from natural calamity, freezing, accident, vandalism, abuse due to misapplication and/or improper site conditions.

6. Water damage/ Water shortage.

7. Electrical damage from improper use of extension cords, failure to meet proper voltage requirements.

8. Any failure caused by water scale or foreign material due to water conditions.




Items not covered under warranty include:

a. Parts replaced due to normal wear or routine maintenance, including but not limited to sensors, filters, fuses, valves, pipes, electrodes, cables and fittings (e.g. nipples, couplings, o-rings, etc).

b. Steam hoses, gun nozzles, water pumps and other accessories.

c. Any transportation or travel costs.

d. Reimbursement for rental units while repairing warranty items.




We do need the cooperation from our loyal customers. The customers are expected to:

- Operate and maintain the product properly in accordance with the manual.

- Provide reasonable notice (within seven working days) to PowerSteam Inc.

- Provide proof of purchase, purchase date and product's serial number.

- Pay transportation fee (if any).

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