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  • Can I clean car interiors with steamer?
    The steamer can easily clean car inteior without any damage. It hygienes, sanitizes all surfaces, steamer can clean any hard to reach area in your vehicle. Fabric on seat, mat, hot dry steam with gentle pressure lifts dirt and stains that have settled into micro cracks. Using hot dry steam, interiors are dry within minutes.
  • What parts of the vehicle do we avoid with steam?
    We avoid using steam on radios, speakers, dash board displays or on exposed electrical components. We also avoid leaving hot steam hoses on heat sensitive materials such as vinyl or leather for an extended period of time.
  • Will hot steam damage the vehicle’s surface?
    To minimize the damage to the vehicle’s surface, we should hold 4-6 inches away from the surface of the vehicle. At this distance, the steam temperature is below 150~167° Fahrenheit and will cause no harm to the vehicle’s surface.
  • Does yours steamers produce continuous hot dry steam?
    We design our steamers to produce hot dry steam with gentle pressure continuously while filling water into reservoir tank. It means that you can use steaming for such a long time. Check out our Manual for more detail.
  • Is the your steamer noisy?
    No. We have designed our steamers products not producing much noise when operating. They are almost silent.
  • What certifications do your steamers hold?
    Your safety is our business. Our steamers currently hold CSA, ESA which meet the highest Canadian safety standards in the industry. We are working to obtain TUV for US market. In Vietnam we have Quatest 3, Vietcert, Pasteur Institute.
  • How many layers of safety protection does your steamer have?
    For your safety, we set multiple layers of safety protection in each steamer. They are circuit-breaker, thermo-fuse, bimetal, pressure controller, water level sensor and safety relief valve.
  • What is water condition used?
    The manufacturer recommends “soft-water” that does not contain significant traces of calcium, iron, and other minerals. In Canada, tap water is sufficient. Using distilled or deionized water is not recommended.
  • What is the warranty for your steamers?
    Our standard warranty period is one year from the purchase date. Please refer to Warranty page for further information.
  • Do we need chemicals during operations?
    No. Chemicals are not recommended. With heat and gentle pressure of steam, you can get away from using chemicals for most of cleaning.
  • Financing option (rent-to-own) is available?
    Yes. We work with 3rd party financing companies to provide financing to qualified Canadian customers. Please refer to page Financing page for further information and steps.
  • What are cleaning applications with your steamers?
    Our steamers have a wide range of cleaning applications such as interior car cleaning, detailing, food processing, medical clinics, commercial facilities, residential cleaning, motorbike and bicycles, golf and sport equipment.
  • What are cleaning benefits with your steamers?
    Firstly, our steamers protect your health because you don’t need to use any kinds of chemicals. Secondly, hot dry steam with gentle pressure can touch and clean the toughest, hard-to-reach surfaces. Thirdly, using hot dry steam, steamers can sterilize and sanitize all equipment surfaces, killing most of bacteria. Finally, our steamers save your time and money by providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions of cleaning.
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