Who you clean your car for?

Research from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reported that American drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year. It is about 293 hours. Imagine you work 8 hours per day, it is 36 days in your car.

That's why people said that your car is your second home. You drive with it, eat, drink, sleep and live with it. Your car is not only the car. It is a table for your work, a bed for your nap, a dining room for your meal, a cupboard for your cloths, a library for storing books, a fridge for your shopping day and much much more than just a car.

But have you taken care of your car the right way?

Most of car owners spend 80% for car exterior to clean, polish and wax while spending very little time for interior.

After all, car exterior is for other people to look, not for you to stay.

In fact, car interior plays a very important role for our health.

We breath the air, we seat on fabric, hold the steering wheel, step on mats, touch the radio knob,... those are all touch points which easily get dirty day after day.

For those reasons, we should clean the car for ourselves, not for anybody else.

Here is the link for time spending behind the wheel:


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